Integrated Climate Data Center
New North Sea ClimatologyNear surface T-anomaly updated!Update of sea ice concentrations and anomaliesHamburg Weather Mast data now via ICDCNew Data: Melt Ponds on Arctic Sea IceNew ICDC data product: Validated temperature and salinity data set of the global oceanSoil moisture data at ICDCEasy INIT: Ocean Synthesis Directory

ICDC Data Center

The CliSAP-Integrated Climate Data Center (ICDC) allows easy access to climate relevant data from in-situ measurements and satellite remote sensing. These data are important to determine the status and the changes in the climate system. Additionally some relevant re-analysis data are included, which are modeled on the basis of observational data.

There is a regular maintenance slot for adding new data sets and features to our data base on every Thursday from 5 to 8 p.m. (Central European Time). You can still use our data center during this time frame, but some interruptions while accessing our data sets might occur.

Data section

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